Death Mask - Heartwork Diagnosis (2012 Silicone Mask)
Death Mask - Heartwork Diagnosis (2012 Silicone Mask)

Symbolism: Knowing the cure of one's own personal problems but refusing to take it because of the fear of pain.

Here is a significantly modified version of my own death mask made out ecoflex silicone 50, created back in 2012. The melted skin surrounding the face and eyes was made using a thickener agent mixed with the silicone, allowing me to "sculpt" it. The mouth mechanism was made using common household materials like binder rings, duct tape, safety pins, fishing hooks, string, and hair clips. The syringes were filled using water with food coloring. Also did some subtle hair punching along the way.

Main Materials Used: Ecoflex Silicone 50, NSP Chavant Clay Soft, Silicone Pigments, and Fiberglass Plastic

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